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1 X Kenwood Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Plug Indash DVD CD MP

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1 X Kenwood Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Plug Indash DVD CD MP



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Replacement part no
E30-6952-05, E30-6939 -05, E30-4302-05, E30-4441 -05, E30-4517 -05, E30-4686 -05, E30-4690-05, E30-4784 -05, E30-4783 -05, E30-4865 -05, E30-4866 -05, E30-4909 -05, E30-4939 -05, E30-6798 -05,

Plugs into Kenwood Radio 16 pin receptacle on back of unit. 8″ color coded leads with bear ends.

Replacement kenwood wiring harness 16-pin
Should fit KENWOOD Radios – DPX301, DPX302, DPX303, DPX502, DPX503, KDC-29MR, KDC-115S, KDC-116S, KDC-122P, KDC-132, KDC-135, KDC-138, KDC-215S, KDC-217, KDC-222, KDC-232MR, KDC-315S, KDC-322, KDC-400MR, KDC-415S, KDC-419, KDC-515S, KDC-516S, KDC-519, KDC-519S, KDC-702, KDC-707S, KDC-715S, KDC-719, KDC-722, KDC-812R, KDC-3011, KDC-3022, KDC-4007C, KDC-4015, KDC-4019, KDC-4022, KDC-5090R, KDC-5019, KDC-6015, KDC-6080R, KDC-7007, KDC-7009, KDC-7011, KDC-7017, KDC-7070R, KDC-8007, KDC-8009, KDC-8015, KDC-9015, KDC-9017, KDC-9023, KDC-BT742U, KDC-BT838U, KDC-D300, KDC-MP142, KDC-MP202, KDC-MP205, KDC-MP208, KDC-MP232, KDC-MP232MR, KDC-MP235, KDC-MP238, KDC-MP242, KDC-MP332, KDC-MP335, KDC-MP338, KDC-MP342U, KDC-MP428, KDC-MP435U, KDC-MP438U, KDC-MP442U, KDC-MP522, KDC-MP535U, KDC-MP538U, KDC-MP635U, KDC-MP638U, KDC-MP722, KDC-MP732, KDC-MP735U, KDC-MP738U, KDC-MP819, KDC-MP822, KDC-MP922, KDC-MP4032, KDC-MP5032, KDC-MPV622, KDC-PS709, KDC-PS907, KDC-PS909, KDC-S3009, KDC-S5009, KDC-S2009, KDC-X491, KDC-X492, KDC-X493, KDC-X589, KDC-X590, KDC-X591, KDC-X592, KDC-X615, KDC-X617, KDC-X689, KDC-X692, KDC-X715, KDC-X716S, KDC-X717, KDC-X759, KDC-X769, KDC-X789, KDC-X790, KDC-X791, KDC-X792, KDC-X793, KDC-X794, KDC-X795, KDC-X796, KDC-X797, KDC-X798, KDC-X799, KDC-X800, KDC-X801, KDC-X802, KDC-X803, KDC-X804, KDC-X805, KDC-X807, KDC-X808, KDC-X809, KDC-X810, KDC-X811, KDC-X812, KDC-X813, KDC-X814, KDC-X815, KDC-X816, KDC-X817, KDC-X818, KDC-X820, KDC-X821, KDC-X822, KDC-X823, KDC-X824, KDC-X825, KDC-X826, KDC-X990, KDC-X991, KTS-300MR, KTS-MP400MR,


  • Kenwood Replacement Stereo 16 Pin Wire harness
  • Top quality all copper 18 gauge leads. Perfect Fit.Molex type 6 inch long black color
  • KDC KRC DPX KTS models see the descrition for model compatibility
  • Kenwood power harness plug 16 pin indash radio and video units
  • Allows for installation of an aftermarket radio wiring and connectors