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Minn Kota Universal Modular Talon/Humminbird Starboard Mounted Adapter Bracket

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Minn Kota Universal Modular Talon/Humminbird Starboard Mounted Adapter Bracket



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Just like Talon locks you to your spot in the water, our mounting and adapter brackets keep Talon locked on your boat in any condition. Unparalleled strength combined with an innovative modular design, so it’s easy to select the right mount and get Talon rigged up on any boat. With the anchoring power of Talon on your transom, you’d better have something to keep it all in place. Our uncompromising brackets do just that and then some. Made of extruded aluminum and reinforced with rugged construction, our brackets hold Talon steady whether you’re trailering or tearing through heavy chop. We don’t just build them strong, we build them smart. Minn Kota’s unique mounting brackets enable Talon to adjust up and down or pivot up to 30˚ to accommodate any transom angle. That means you can easily adapt Talon to fit any boat, and any situation. You can also easily remove it when not in use for added security. All mounting and adapter brackets carry a five year warranty. Note: Only compatible with new Universal Modular Adapter Brackets.


  • Starboard mount
  • Interlocking teeth clamp it down
  • Made of extruded aluminum
  • Reinforced with rugged construction
  • 5 year warranty