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Attwood Corporation 238312-2 9" Round Socket Base

Marine Chandlery

Marine supplies and accessories for both power boating and sailing.

Boating Accessories

Trailer accessories, life vests, fuel tanks, lubricants, anchors etc

Attwood Corporation 238312-2 9″ Round Socket Base



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9 inch Round Packaged 238 Series Socket Bases features ABYC Code – AO, Req. Diameter Mounting Hole – 3 inch. The Seat Mount has Rock-Solid Slider Movement and Silk-Smooth Swivel Has strength, style, and corrosion-resistance to the core. Corrosion-Resistance Pedestal tubes are hard-anodized aluminum. All springs are stainless steel Bases are bead-blasted (to close aluminum porosity) and clear-coated Smooth Movement Without Wobble Slider has gear-tooth lock mechanism, it locks solidly, disengages easily Slider rides smoothly on acetal linear bearings Clean Style, Ergonomic Design Styling is clean and uncomplicated Handles are ergonomically designed to be easy on the hands and easy to reach.


  • Pedestal tubes are hard-anodized aluminum
  • All springs are stainless steel