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DMK Box 11A

Marine Chandlery

Marine supplies and accessories for both power boating and sailing.

Boating Accessories

Trailer accessories, life vests, fuel tanks, lubricants, anchors etc

DMK Box 11A



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DMK Box + DMK App = DMK Informed Captain.

The DMK Box wirelessly transmits marine instrument data for display on a mobile device via the DMK App or compatible software. It uses an ad hoc Wi-Fi connection from your iOS device to the DMK Box. It includes a wiring interface that connects to SeaTalk, NMEA 0183, and NMEA 2000.

Includes Wi-Fi Antenna.


  • Model 11A
  • Display marine instrument data wirelessly on your iOS device
  • This is the hardware component of the DMK Informed Captain system
  • SeaTalk, NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000