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Marine Universal Fuel Line Assembly for Boat Outboard - 5/16" with Primer Bulb - Five Oceans

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Marine Universal Fuel Line Assembly for Boat Outboard – 5/16″ with Primer Bulb – Five Oceans



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Universal Fuel Line with Primer Bulb – 5/16” Hose This Five Oceans´ universal fuel line for outboard motors comes with primer bulb and 5/16´´ hose. Suitable for Boats, RVs, Tractors, and Caravans, this rubber bulb is made from new materials that let you use it in a wide temperature range. Premium quality rubber bulb with built in check valve offers superior resistance to U/V, ozone and alcohol enhanced fuel. Upgrade older tanks to the latest low-permeation fuel line standards with this fuel line assembly. It includes a premium quality rubber bulb and fuel hose, 360° stainless steel hose clamps. Fully compatible with Ethanol blended fuels. Note: These are universal fuel lines and as such do not come with engine or tank fittings.


  • Meets EPA low permeation mandates.
  • Ethanol resistant.
  • Double check valves.
  • Stainless steel clamps.
  • 6´ overall length