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Eagle BSM-1 Broadband Sounder Module

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Eagle BSM-1 Broadband Sounder Module



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Navico BSM-1 Broadband Sounder ModuleCompatible with Lowrance HDS Series and the new Simrad NSE and NSS SeriesPENETRATE DEEP WATERSNavico Broadband Sounders provide outstanding capability to track bottom and see structure in deep offshore terrain and canyons over 3000 feet.CLEARLY DEFINE UNDERWATER STRUCTUREHigh-resolution linear receiver provides superior clarity in shallow and mid waterWHISPER’ INTO THE WATER TO FIND MORE FISHNavico Broadband Sounder technology matches exceptionally low power with efficient long pulses to make the perfect “low-noise” Sonar.TRI-FREQUENCY CAPABILITY FOR OPTIMAL WATER COLUMN PERFORMANCEBetter match the frequency with your fishing location: 200kHz for shallow inshore 50kHz for deep offshore and 83 kHz for a desirable blend of both.A TRULY DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGYFirst generation digital echosounders follow traditional methods of dumping excessive power into existing circuitry. If the original signal is not the highest quality then the effect is the same as amplifying a poor quality audio system and even the best Digital Processing can’t clean up the noisy mess. The Navico Broadband Sounder technology is a truly different approach. The BSM-1 brings together a very clean low power signal an adaptable long pulse and an extremely sensitive linear receiver. The resulting high quality signal and the best digital signal processing allow the BSM-1 to provide superior clarity and fantastic echosounder images. In addition the long pulse widths and clean efficient signal provide an exponential difference in the ability to “Go Deep”. No longer is power the measure of echosounder performance. Side by side parisons with existing technology prove that a “whisper” is better. The Navico BSM-1 is the perfect echosounder in waters from 10′ to over 3000 feet.Easy-to-install anywhere the BSM-1 is an Ether-based module and waterproof to the IPx7 standard. Designed for offshore boats the new BSM-1 operates with 12 and 24-volt systems and has easy to read


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